A Commentary on Livy Books 41-45

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Author  John Briscoe
Publisher  Oxford University Press
Publication Date   October 25, 2012
ISBN  0199216649
Pages  800

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Livy's History of Rome covers the city's foundation to 9 BC in 142 Books of which only 1-10 and 21-45 survive. This is the fourth and final volume of John Briscoe's commentary on the last fifteen surviving Books of Livy. Books 41-45 cover the years 178-167 BC and deal with the Third Macedonian War which lasted from 171-168 BC, and resulted, as had been the senate's intention, in the destruction of the Macedonian monarchy. Livy's text depends on a single manuscript of late antiquity, which is not only considered as highly corrupt but has also suffered substantial physical losses.

The volume's introduction contains a discussion of the causes of and events leading to the outbreak of war, as well as sections on Livy's sources, the text, chronology, and Roman legions in service during the period. Briscoe's final commentary also looks in detail at the historical, textual, linguistic, and stylistic matters of Livy's narrative and eschews the narratological approach of much recent work on Livy.

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