The Classical Athenian Democracy


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Author  David Stockton
Publisher  Oxford University Press
Publication Date   August 9, 1990
ISBN  0198146973
Pages  224

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It is the object of this book to explain to the modern reader what institutions of the classical Athenian democracy were, how they worked and what assumptions underlay them. It is principally concerned with the fully-developed democracy of the post-Ephialtic period. A chapter is devoted to tracing the broad development of the Athenian constitution, from the reforms of Solon in the early sixth century to those of Ephialtes in the late 460s, so that the developed democracy can be seen in its proper historical context. Stockton incorporates recent important work by historians, epigraphists and archaeologists into his study which is easily accessible to the sixth-form and first-year undergraduate student as well as the interested general reader as a result of the translation of all Greek, explanation of difficult terminology and full suggestions for further reading in endnotes to each chapter. The text is illustrated with eight black and white plates and a map. The author's other publications include "Thirty-five Letters to Cicero: a Political Biography" and "Gracchi", all published by OUP, and he has revised editions of "Documents Illustrating the Reigns of Augustus and Tiberius" and "Sources for Roman History 133-70 BC".

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