Prophecy and History in the Crisis of...

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Author  David S. Potter
Publisher  Clarendon Press
Publication Date   January 31, 1991
ISBN  0198144830
Pages  464

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The Sybylline Oracles that provide narratives of Roman history are our best sources for popular understanding of contemporary events, since they were written by those with no obvious connection with the government. The Thirteenth Oracle is particularly interesting as it remains the only first-hand narrative of the critical years of the mid-third century AD, when the empire stood on the brink of political collapse. This book contains the first new edition of the text of the Thirteenth Oracle since 1902, an extensive historical introduction, and a detailed commentary that discusses disputed points of chronology, and how the authors, living in Roman Syria, viewed both the great rival powers of Roman and Persia, and the war that ensued. This work should be of particular value to scholars, graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and historians interested in the history of the late Roman empire.

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