Georgia in Antiquity


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Author  David Braund
Publisher  Clarendon Press
Publication Date   September 8, 1994
ISBN  0198144733
Pages  384

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The first full history of ancient Georgia ever to be written outside Georgia itself, this book also serves as a valuable introduction to the substantial archaeological work that has been carried out there in recent decades. Designed to open up ancient Georgia for the world of scholarship at large, it is not only a history of a neglected region, but also a sustained attempt to inform topics and issues that are more familiar to the historians of antiquity. Examples include myths of the periphery; Caucasian mountains and their passes; Greek colonization; the Persian, Athenian, and Selecuid empires; Pompey's conquest of Mithridates' empire; the development of the Roman frontier in the eastern Black Sea region; Roman diplomacy in Iberia; the Christianization of Iberia; Sassanian ambitions in Transcaucasia; and Byzantine warfare there.

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