Excavations at Carthage II, 2


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Author  Michael Fulford
Publisher  Oxford University Press
Publication Date   December 31, 1994
ISBN  0197270042
Pages  124

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The pottery found during excavations on the North Side of the Circular Harbour is published in this companion volume to Hurst's main report. A long sequence of finds from late Punic through to Byzantine will also make this an invaluable reference work, especially for the period between the late 1st century AD and the 2nd century AD (previously not well documented for Mediterranean pottery). The value of the pioneering use of quantification and field typologies for dealing with large-scale urban excavations, introduced in Carthage I (the Avenue Habib Bourguiba site), is demonstrated at the end of this volume with a discussion of the patterning of different pottery classes in different parts of the site.

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