Some Aspects of Hittite Religion


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Author  Oliver R. Gurney
Publisher  British Academy
Publication Date   October 31, 1977
ISBN  019725974X
Pages  88

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Parallels between Hittite civilisation and the Old Testament belong largely to the field of religion. In the first of his three Schweich lectures (delivered in 1976) Professor Gurney traces the historical development of the Hittite pantheon, while in his second and third lectures he selects some aspects of Hittite religion which can be compared with ancient Hebrew and Canaanite institutions. The second lecture describes the cult, both local and official, and the purpose of the open-air temple at Yazilikaya. The third is devoted to Hittite rituals of elimination and substitution and the mortuary ritual for the King. Parallels are drawn with the biblical masseba as a cult object and with the scapegoat ritual of Leviticus.

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