As The Romans Did


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Author  Jo-Ann Shelton
Publisher  Oxford University Press
Publication Date   October 9, 1997
ISBN  0195089731
Pages  512

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Revised to include new selections and updated bibliographical material, the second edition of this popular sourcebook offers a rich, revealing look at everyday Roman life. The selections, all in fresh English translations prepared by the author, are drawn from a wide array of documents - letters, manuals, recipes, graffiti, and inscriptions, as well as literary sources. Each selection is thematically arranged to develop a detailed picture of life in all strata of society and a survey of the full range of social activity - from the enactment of imperialist policies to the specifics of daily life for the average Roman. Readers are introduced to Roman family life, housing, entertainment, medicine, education, religion, and other important topics. Extensive annotations, abundant bibliographical notes, maps, appendices, and textual cross-references provide the historical and cultural background necessary for readers to easily understand the selections. Lively and readable, the second edition of As the Romans Did provides the most lucid account available of Roman life in all its diversity.

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