The Rise of Modern China


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Author  Immanuel C. Y. Hsu
Publisher  Oxford University Press
Publication Date   March 29, 1990
ISBN  0195058674
Pages  1054

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The Rise of Modern China vividly describes China's extraordinary metamorphosis from a traditional self-sufficient empire into a modern nation. Immanuel C.Y. Hsü surveys the main currents of modern Chinese history from 1600 to the present, devoting particular concern to the shaping forces of China's political, diplomatic, intellectual, social, and economic history. The new Fourth Edition of this classic is brought fully up to date to reflect the current economic, political, and cultural climate in China. Informed by Hsü's lifetime study of the country and observations during recent visits, new chapters offer an inside view of the problems created by China's accelerated economic growth in the past decade, and examine the cultural impact of Teng Xiao-p'ing's acceptance of various Western market mechanisms to help modernize the economy. More than 100 photographs, drawings, maps, and charts illuminate the narrative, and make it of interest to general readers as well as scholars of Chinese history.

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