The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Bible Lands...

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Author  Caroline Hull
Publisher  Penguin Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2009
ISBN  0141026871
Pages  144

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A fascinating companion to the world?s most influential book, the Bible

Expertly exploring the relationship between the books of the Bible and the land from which they came, The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Bible Lands offers:

? Detailed maps on topics ranging from the wanderings of Abraham to modern Jerusalem
? A comprehensive timeline comparing developments in Mesopotamia, Syria, Egypt, Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome
? Features on the alphabet, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Zionist Movement
? Coverage beyond the biblical period that examines the Islamic conquests, the Crusades, and the current struggles between the Israelis and Palestinians

Comprehensive, intriguing, and useful for a myriad of disciplines, The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Bible Lands will deepen every reader?s understanding of the bestselling book of all time.

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