The West& Transformations, Combined Volume...


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Author  Brian Levack
Publisher  Pearson
Publication Date   March 21, 2010
ISBN  0132132842
Pages  1080

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Designed for introductory-level survey courses in the History of Western Civilization.



The West: Encounters & Transformations takes a new approach to telling the story of Western civilization.


Rather than looking at Western civilization only as the history of Europe from ancient times to the present, this groundbreaking book examines the changing nature of the West—how the definition of the West has evolved and has been transformed throughout history. It explores the ways Western civilization has changed as a result of cultural encounters with different beliefs, ideas, technologies, and peoples, both outside the West and within it. Presenting a balanced treatment of political, social, religious, and cultural history, this text emphasizes the ever-shifting boundaries of the geographic and cultural realm of the West.

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