The Western Heritage, Volume II


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Author  Donald Kagan
Publisher  Prentice Hall
Publication Date   July 6, 2000
ISBN  0130277177
Pages  784

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Written by leading scholars in the field, this survey of Western Civilization presents a strong, clear narrative account of the central developments in Western history with a focus on several key themes--the development of political freedom and constitutional government; the shifting relations among religion, society, and the state; the development of science and technology and their impact on thought and social institutions; and the major religious and intellectual currents that have shaped Western culture. Covers Western civilization--from England and France in the Seventeenth Century, to the collapse of European Communism and beyond. Highlight features include: Art and the West sections that highlight pieces of art and artists who were prominent during specific time periods; The West and World (series of illustrated essays that compares Western social or political institutions with those of non-Western cultures at particular times in history); primary source documents that offer a glimpse of the thoughts of historical figures as well as the words of ordinary people at a particular time in history; and Timelines of the political and social developments in specific historical periods. For anyone interested in Western Civilization and European History and Civilization.

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