36 Strategies of the Chinese, The


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Author  Wee Chow Hou
Publisher  Prentice Hall PTR
Publication Date   October 7, 1999
ISBN  0130265411
Pages  320

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As China increasingly becomes an economic powerhouse, Westerners are faced with the challenge of understanding how Chinese business people do business. In order to do so, they must understand not only how China is modernizing, but also five thousand years of underlying Chinese culture. Confucian ethics, Taoist influences, and classics like Sun Zi's Art of War still offer powerful insights. One key influence long overlooked in the West is the "Thirty-Six Strategies": a summary of the key war strategies used by ancient Chinese warriors, which is widely known in China and frequently applied in business, by Chinese businesspeople and others throughout Asia. This book brings these strategies to the West, offering unique and timely insight into the mind of the Chinese strategist. This book presents insightful, thoughtful discussions of all 36 strategies, with examples of how they might be used by Asian businesspeople. The strategies encompass leveraging advantage, exploiting vulnerabilities; offensive strategies; deception, confusion, and what to do when desperate. This book bridges the gap of understanding between East and West -- and it has never been more timely.

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