Fairweather Eden


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Author  Michael W. Pitts and Mark Roberts
Publisher  Random House
Publication Date   October 19, 1998
ISBN  0099644916
Pages  304


In 1993, archaeologist Mark Roberts and his team found a human shinbone that turned out to be 500,000 years old-and thus marked the discovery of Europe's oldest known man. Fairweather Eden is the story, through the eyes of those involved, of over ten years of archaeological excavations at Boxgrove in Sussex, England, the world's best-preserved early human site, the discovery of which is causing a major shift in our understanding of the true origins of humankind. It reveals our earliest ancestors to have been hominids who were far more sophisticated than the primitive beasts they were believed to have been, able to craft complicated tools and to track and kill dangerous game.

16 Pages of Black-and-White Photographs/Illustrations Throughout Glossary/Bibliography/Index

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