Celt and Greek (Book published October 17, 1997)


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Author  Peter Berresford Ellis
Publisher  Constable
Publication Date   October 17, 1997
ISBN  0094755809
Pages  285

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In 279 BC a great host of 150,000 Celtic warriors, in three separate armies, erupted on to the Greek peninsula. The Macedonian king, Ptolemy Ceraunnos, was slain and the army that, less than two generations before, had conquered the known world for Alexander the Great was swept aside. The Athenians were likewise defeated and the great sanctuary of Delphi was looted and destroyed. The Celtic invasion left an indelible impression on Greek literature and art.
This is the first popular account of the Celts of Eastern Europe and their relationship with the Hellenic states, a relationship which started in the 6th Century BC. It explains the eastward push of the Celtic peoples from their homelands and the foundation of tribal states in Eastern Europe as far as the Ukraine. It shows how some Celtic tribes turned south into Greece itself before moving on into Asia Minor. The book also traces the involvement of bands of Celtic mercenaries in the employ of the Hellenic kingdoms and empires.

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