Route 66 AD


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Author  Tony Perrottet
Publisher  Ebury Press
Publication Date   May 1, 2003
ISBN  0091888069
Pages  432


Brilliant Australian travel writer Tony Perrottet traces the Mediterranean itinerary of the world's first tourists - the ancient Romans - with the help of an archaic guidebook from the era. Tony's entertaining narrative is combined with a witty, intelligent discussion of ancient history and culture compared with our own lives today. There are more similarities that you might imagine. Tony, facing imminent fatherhood, is keen for one last wild holiday, but as this pursuit frequently leads him into trouble, the level-headedness of his pregnant girlfriend keeps on saving the day. They make their journey from Rome, through Greece, Turkey and finally to Aswan, Egypt. Along the way they scuba dive among the ancient ruins of Naples, meet isolated and frustrated monks (not just sexually) and Tony faces the protocol of whether to dance with the groom at a Nubian wedding. Route 66AD is informative, irreverent fun and the perfect holiday read.

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