World Civilizations; Sources, Images and Interpretations...


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Author  Dennis Sherman
Publisher  McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Publication Date   June 25, 2001
ISBN  0072418168
Pages  384

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The first in a two-volume anthology of primary, secondary and visual sources, this reader provides a broad introduction to the evolution of World Civilizations from ancient history to 1700, and gives students insight into how historians use and interpret evidence in an effort to broaden their understanding of civilizations around the world. A wide selection of documents, images, maps and charts is presented along with chapter-opening timelines, source introductions, points for consideration, and questions designed to clarify the material and stimulate discussion. The reader is organized chronologically, but also provides an alternate topical Table of Contents, which allows instructors and students to compare sources across cultures and time periods. A new feature to this edition, "Using This Book," assists students in fully analyzing sources and context.

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