The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible (Book published November 17, 1999


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Author  Martin G. Abegg Jr.
Publisher  HarperOne
Publication Date   November 17, 1999
ISBN  0060600632
Pages  672

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From the dramatic find in the caves of Qumran, The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible presents the world's most precious and ancient version of the Bible. One thousand years older than any existing manuscripts, these scrolls allow us to read the Bible it was in the time of Jesus.

Preserving parts of all but one biblical book, scrolls confirm that the text of the Old Testament as it has been handed down through the ages is largely correct. Yet, they also reveal numerous important differences. The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible:

  • Offers new and striking textual readings that clarify millennia-old puzzles

  • Restores lost psalms

  • Reveals previously unknown details about the lives of biblical figures

  • Provides new information on how the Hebrew Bible was created

The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible presents all 220 of the Dead Sea biblical scrolls, arranged to be read in canonical order. The texts are translated into English by Eugene Ulrich, one of the three general editors of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Peter Flint and Martin Abegg Jr., the directors of the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute. Commentary by the editors provides insight into the rich cultural and religious traditions behind the scrolls and the Bible itself.

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