Visual Timeline: Crete

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7000 BCE: First habitation on Crete.
6000 BCE: First habitation at Malia.
3600 BCE - 3000 BCE: First inhabitation of Phaistos.
3000 BCE: Stone tombs on Crete.
2700 BCE: Olive trees are grown and harvested in Crete. Olive oil is exported.
2200 BCE: First monumental architecture at Malia.
2200 BCE - 1500 BCE: The Minoan Civilization flourishes on Crete, Greece. King Minos establishes the first navy in the region.
2000 BCE: Minoan hieroglyphic script is invented.
2000 BCE - 1450 BCE: Minoan civilization in Crete and the Aegean.
2000 BCE - 1400 BCE: Phaistos' greatest cultural height.
2000 BCE - 1700 BCE: First Minoan palace at Phaistos.
2000 BCE: Pottery wheel introduced to Minoan civilization on Crete.
1900 BCE: First Minoan palace at Knossos.
1850 BCE - 1550 BCE: Phaistos disk manufactured on Crete.
1700 BCE: Minoan Linear A script.
1700 BCE: Second Palace of Knossos on Crete.
1700 BCE - 1600 BCE: Second palace at Phaistos.
1700 BCE - 1400 BCE: The culture in the Cyclades is increasingly influenced by Minoan Crete.
1675 BCE - 1450 BCE: Second Minoan palace at Malia.
1650 BCE - 1550 BCE: Knossos survives Thera eruption.
1600 BCE: Phaistos disk manufactured.
1600 BCE: Rhodes has significant contact with Minoan Crete.
1500 BCE - 1450 BCE: The 'Harvester Vase' of Minoan origin depicts a sistrum player.
1450 BCE: Earthquake and fire ends the Minoan period at Malia.
1450 BCE: Destruction of Minoan palace at Zakros.
1450 BCE: Mycenaen influence extended to Knossos, Crete.
1330 BCE: Abandonment of Zakros settlement.
700 BCE - 600 BCE: Brief resurgence in Phaistos settlement.
689 BCE: Rhodes and Cretans found Gela in Sicily.
580 BCE: Agrigento in Sicily is founded by colonists from Gela, Crete and Rhodes.
470 BCE: Gortyn on Crete begins to mint its own coinage.
450 BCE: The Law Code of Gortyn is written.
220 BCE: Gortyn allies with Knossos to defeat Lyttos on Crete.
206 BCE - 204 BCE: Crete is at war with Rhodes.
189 BCE: Gortyn gives sanctuary to Hannibal.
180 BCE: Phaistos conquered by Gortyn.
155 BCE - 153 BCE: Crete is at war with Rhodes for a second time.
110 BCE: Rome establishes peace between the warring Cretan cities.
71 BCE: Rome wages war on the Cretan pirates.
69 BCE - 67 BCE: Rome wages a second war against the Cretan pirates.
36 BCE: Mark Antony gives Crete as a gift to Cleopatra.
27 BCE: Augustus makes Gortyn the capital of the Roman province of Crete & Cyrene.
60 CE: An early Christian community is established at Gortyn, Crete.
81 CE: Trajan serves as quaestor at Gortyn, Crete.
365 CE: Gortyn is destroyed by a devastating earthquake.
670 CE: Gortyn is destroyed by earthquake.
827 CE: Crete is conquered by the Arabs.
961 CE: The Byzantine Empire reconquers Crete from the Arabs under Nikephoros Phokas, the future Emperor Nikephoros II.
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