Paul Joseph De Mola, FRGS



Paul Joseph De Mola, FRGS is a First Class Honours student of the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester in England. He is currently in his senior year for a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Archaeology. Upon graduating, Paul plans to pursue an MA in Classics followed by doctoral research, with a goal to make a career teaching at the college-preparatory school level. His principle areas of interest are Roman Republican, late Western Imperial Roman and early Barbarian history and archaeology, as well as Classical philology. He has broad secondary interests in the archaeology of Early Bronze Age Mesopotamia and the political history of Middle Kingdom-Second Intermediate Period Ancient Egypt, as well as general interests in both Classic and Postclassic Mesoamerican sociopolitical structures. Paul's articles have appeared in Popular Archaeology, AnthroJournal, The Post Hole, and Ancient History Encyclopedia.

He has worked with Dr. Jerry Howard (Arizona State University) on the Riverview Archaeological Project, studied Ancient Greek and Latin under Professor Graham Shipley, FRHistS, FSA (University of Leicester), and taught History and English at Great Hearts Academies.

Paul is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (London).

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