Daniel Cochran



I am a doctoral student in ancient and medieval art history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I earned a BA in Religion and Classics with a focus on the religions of the later Roman Empire from the University of Rochester in New York. I proceeded to earn a Masters of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I continued to study late Roman religion with a focus on the emergence of Rabbinic Judaism, early Christianity, and early Islam. I became fascinated with the material religion of late antiquity and so followed my passion into the department of art history at UW-Madison. I now research the creation and multi-sensory experience of religious space in the late antique Mediterranean world.

As a licensed local pastor in the United Methodist Church, I strive to bring my passion for art and architecture to my ministry. I teach adult education classes on the intersection of art, faith, and theology, and have taken several groups to Rome to explore the city's influence on Christianity, from antiquity to the present. I have worked as a carpenter, a librarian, a farmhand, and as a fly fishing instructor. I now live in Chicago with my wife, a Presbyterian minister, and our young daughter.