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published on 24 August 2011
Modern medicine has its origin in the ancient world.  The oldest civilizations used magic and herbs to cure their sick people, but they also used religion to free them from harm and to protect their health. The medical care of today has its roots in ancient Greece. With the introduction of Asklepios and Hygieia in Athens, there sprouted a very important... [continue reading]
by Wikipedia User: Jdsteakley
published on 05 August 2014
St. Boniface or Der heilige Bonifatius, Painting (1832 CE) by Alfred Rethel.
by Wikipedia User: ThomasSD
published on 05 August 2014
The Monastery of Fulda, Hesse, Germany.
by Mark Beumer
published on 05 August 2014
The oldest known depiction of the murder of St. Boniface, from a manufactured sacramentarium around 975 CE in Fulda. Gottingen, Universitätsbibliothek Hs. 231, f. 87R. From: Algemene Geschiedenis van de Nederlanden I (Haarlem 1981), image wrap. The photo comes from the Niedersächsische Staats-und Universitätsbibliothek.
published on 05 August 2014
Saint Boniface (or in Dutch the Heilige Bonifatius) is one of the most famous saints in the Netherlands. His real name was Wynfreth and he lived from 672 until 754 CE. Pope Gregory II, who ruled from 715 to 731 CE, was at that time struggling with pagan Germanic tribes and, keen to convert them, Wynfreth offered Gregory the perfect opportunity... [continue reading]
by Reinier Vinkeles, Christian Bernhard Rode
published on 06 August 2014
Boniface cuts down holy oak of 'Jupiter' or Donar.