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published on 20 March 2012
According to the legend, the Spartan law was written by the great lawmaker (Greek : νομοθέτης, nomothetis) Lycurgus. Plutarch mentions that Lycurgus (literally "wolf-worker") wrote the laws in order to make the city state of Sparta invincible, the Spartans fearless and law-abiding. It was a law-package... [continue reading]
by antonios loizides
published on 05 March 2012
The first Cypriots mostly lived in Khirokitia, a small village near the modern town of Limassol.
published on 22 March 2012
Cyprus is a large island located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, east of Greece, south of Asia Minor, west of the Levant, and north of Egypt.  The naming of the island is a matter of dispute amongst historians. One theory suggests that the large quantity of copper deposits on the island gave the name Cyprus, as copper has the Latin name of cuprum... [continue reading]