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Colossal Statue of Amenhotep IV
Royal Couple
Votive Mace of Gudea
Copy of a Building Inscription of Hammurabi
Ashurbanipal II
Tiglath Pileser III
Sargon II
Sennacherib as a Crown Prince
Relief of Horemheb
Amarna, Northern Palace
Akhenaten and the Royal Family Blessed by Aten
Choragic Monument of Lysicrates
Water Supply Systems at the Acropolis
Cao Cao
China Warlords, 2nd-3rd century CE.
Cao Cao
Hammurabi's Law Code
Melos Geometric Krater
Hercules Captures Kerberos
Athenian Horseman Grave Stele
Palmyra Grave Stele
Golenischev Aphrodite
Greek Warriors Stele
Hermes, Knidos Vase
Etruscan Bucchero Vase
Women Checking Silk, Song China.
Akhenaten & Nefertiti
Senusret III
Pectoral of Mereret
Nefertiti Offering to the Aten
Statue of Akhenaten
Acropolis Museum, Athens
View of the Acropolis from Pnyx
View of the Acropolis from Pynx
The Athenian Assembly
Socrates' Prison
Excavation under the Acropolis Museum
Koile Deme
Cimon's Tomb
Speaker's Platform at the Athenian Assembly
The Athenian Assembly
View of the Acropolis from Pynx
Chinese Eunuchs
Battle of Megiddo Relief
King Wen of Zhou
Aerial View of Megiddo
Temple of Karnak, Wars of Thutmose III