A Sumerian Wall Plaque Showing Libation Scenes

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published on 26 July 2014

The upper register shows a naked priest followed by three worshippers. The priest pours an unknown liquid offering from a spouted vessel into a stemmed dish or stand, in front of a horned god figure. In the lower register, there are three worshippers; one of them carries an animal offering and one of them is a woman who is shown "full-faced." She may be a priestess or she may represent the donor of the plaque. The priest's libation is being poured in front of an unknown temple. The plaque was excavated at Ur, in the ruins of one of the residences of the high priestess of the moon god Nanna. Early dynastic period, circa 2500 BCE, from Ur, Mesopotamia, Iraq. (The British Museum, London).

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