Hero Overpowering a Lion



by Thierry Ollivier
published on 09 April 2014

The Hero Overpowering a Lion
Neo-Assyrian period, reign of Sargon II (721-705 BC)
Khorsabad, ancient city of Dur Sharrukin, facade N of the throne room of the palace of Sargon II, Assyria (Iraq).

High relief, gypseous alabaster, traces of paint
H. 5.52 m; W. 2.18 m; D. 0.63 m
Excavations by P.E. Botta, 1843-44

AO 19862
Near Eastern Antiquities
Richelieu wing
Ground floor
Mesopotamia, Assyria. Khorsabad
Room 4

Musee du Louvre

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