Secrets of the Ancient Dead


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Author  Tony Allan
Publisher  Duncan Baird
Publication Date   January 1, 2005
ISBN  1844831000
Pages  160

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Whether in tomb, grave, burial pit, or peat bog, all around the world the ancient dead represent a challenge to make sense of their remains. How did they live? How did they die? How did they view the inevitable prospect of their death? And how did their society prepare for the soul’s destiny after the body had met its mortal end? Secrets of the Ancient Dead offers a worldwide survey spanning many centuries of some of the most intriguing enigmas posed by death and the afterlife. By citing well-described, specific cases and basing his work on a combination of painstaking archaeology, dogged detective work, in-depth historical knowledge, and high-tech scientific analysis, author Tony Allan pursues his study across cultures, shedding fascinating new light on the beliefs, rituals, hopes, and fears of such peoples as the Germanic and Celtic warriors of northern Europe and the imperial dynasties of ancient China.

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