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  • Jan van der Crabben wrote on 16 July 2010 at 14:36:

    This is probably the most readable and comprehensive book about ancient Mesopotamian history that I have encountered so far.

    The text is concise, clear and very readable. The book is organized into eras of ancient history, which in turn are divided up into different topics. That way, the reader gets a good understand of each topic, without blurring the lines between the historical periods that make up these almost 3000 years of history.

    It's definitely a great read, I recommend it!

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published on 11 December 2013
A History of the Ancient Near East ca. 3000-323 BC by Marc Van De Mieroop is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the region of ancient Mesopotamia. His writing style is very accessible and the chapters are carefully constructed to provide a reader with a comprehensive understanding of the subject under consideration. Regarding the rise of the Neo-Assyrian... [continue reading]


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