The Representation of Alexander in the Histories of Polybius and



by Nikolaus Leo Overtoom
published on 18 July 2012

By investigating the works of Polybius and Livy, we can discuss an important aspect of the impact of Alexander upon the reputation and image of Rome. Because of the subject of their histories and the political atmosphere in which they were writing – these authors, despite their generally positive opinions of Alexander, ultimately created scenarios where they portrayed the Romans as superior to the Macedonian king. This study has five primary goals: to produce a commentary on the various Alexander passages found in Polybius’ and Livy’s histories; to establish the generally positive opinion of Alexander held by these two writers; to illustrate that a noticeable theme of their works is the ongoing comparison between Alexander and Rome; to demonstrate Polybius’ and Livy’s belief in Roman superiority, even over Alexander; and finally to create an understanding of how this motif influences their greater narratives and alters our appreciation of their works.

Master’s Thesis, University of Maryland, 2011

Written by , linked by Jan van der Crabben, published 18 July 2012. Source URL:

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The Representation of Alexander in the Histories of Polybius and Livy Books



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