Sports Sites in Ancient Anatolia: Stadiums


by Erdoğan Ş., Atalay M., Yoruç Çotuk M.
published on 05 March 2012

Today we have much evidence that modern Sports Culture has its roots in Ancient Olympic Games. Many excavations are held by archaeologists to understand the idea of sport as the ancient world’s culture by searching Ancient Olympia. However there are many ancient stadiums and maybe many more are waiting to come into daylight all over the world, where the ancient civilizations breathed. It is clear that promotion and protection of these sport sites can help us to understand sport culture in civilizations other than Ancient Olympia and help us to see the connections between those that continue to this day. Anatolia where civilizations of very great importance have flourished since ancient times has witnessed and still bears some of the most important sport sites of antiquity.

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Written by Erdoğan Ş., Atalay M., Yoruç Çotuk M., linked by Jan van der Crabben, published 05 March 2012. Source URL:

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