The Celts in Iberia



by Alberto J. Lorrio and Gonzalo Ruiz Zapater
published on 20 December 2011

A general overview of the study of the Celts in the Iberian Peninsula is offered from a critical perspective. First, we present a brief history of research and the state of research on ancient written sources, linguistics, epigraphy and archaeological data. Second, we present a different hypothesis for the “Celtic” genesis in Iberia by applying a multidisciplinary approach to the topic. Finally, on the one hand an analysis of the main archaeological groups (Celtiberian, Vetton, Vaccean, the Castro Culture of the northwest, Asturian-Cantabrian and Celtic of the southwest) is presented, while on the other hand we propose a new vision of the Celts in Iberia, rethinking the meaning of “Celtic” from a European perspective.

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    Rizzoli (05 February 2000)
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    Cassell (30 June 2001)


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