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published on 18 January 2012

Until 308 BC, Carthage was ruled, at least officially, by Monarchs. Find below a list of monarchs of Carthage between 814-308 BC.

Didoian Dynasty

Dido 814-c.760 BC -queen
(unknown rulers)
Hanno I c.580-c.556 BC
Malchus c.556-c.550 BC

Magonid Dynasty

Mago I c.550-c.530 BC
Hasdrubal I c.530-c.510 BC
Hamilcar I c.510-480 BC
Hanno II 480-440 BC
Himilco I (in Sicily) 460-410 BC
Hannibal I 440-406 BC
Himilco II 406-396 BC
Mago II 396-375 BC
Mago III 375-344 BC
Hanno III 344-340 BC

Hannonian Dynasty

Hanno the Great 340-337 BC
Gisco 337-330 BC
Hamilcar II 330-309 BC
Bomilcar 309-308 BC

In 480 BC, following Hamilcar I's death, the King lost most of his power to an aristocratic Council of Elders. In 308 BC, Bomilcar attempted a coup to restore the monarch to full power, but failed, which led to Carthage becoming in name as well as in fact a republic.

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