Visual Timeline: Trajan

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53 CE: Trajan is born in Italica (Seville) in the Roman province of Hispania.
96 CE: Emperor Nerva appoints Trajan as governor of Upper Germany.
97 CE: Adoption of Trajan by Roman Emperor Nerva.
98 CE: Accession of the emperor Trajan. Hadrian announced himself the death of Nerva to Trajan.
98 CE - 117 CE: Reign of Roman Emperor Trajan.
101 CE - 106 CE: Trajan conquers Dacia.
105 CE: Trajan again defeats Dacians.
110 CE: The Baths of Trajan in Rome are completed.
112 CE: Forum of Trajan dedicated.
113 CE: Trajan’s column is constructed in Rome which commemorates the emperor's campaigns in Dacia.
116 CE: Invasion and annexation of the Fertile Crescent region by Rome under Trajan.
117 CE: Death of Trajan. Now governor of Syria, Hadrian becomes emperor as he was previously adopted by Trajan.
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