Visual Timeline: Syracuse

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733 BCE: Corinth founds the colony of Syracuse in Sicily.
491 BCE - 478 BCE: Gelon is tyrant of Syracuse.
480 BCE: Tyrant of Syracuse Gelon defeats the Carthaginians at the battle of Himera.
478 BCE - 467 BCE: Hiero I is tyrant of Syracuse.
415 BCE - 413 BCE: Athenian expedition to attack Syracuse.
405 BCE: Dionysius becomes tyrant in Syracuse, Sicily.
398 BCE - 380 BCE: Plato travels in Egypt, Cyrene, Italy, Syracuse and Sicily.
397 BCE: Dionysius I of Syracuse employs wheeled seige towers and bolt throwers for the first time in Greek warfare at the seige of Motya.
367 BCE: Plato's second trip to Syracuse.
367 BCE: Dionysius II becomes tyrant of Syracuse, Sicily.
361 BCE: Final attempt by Plato to make Syracusan king a philosopher-king.
356 BCE: Dion becomes tyrant of Syracuse.
344 BCE: Timoleon establishes an oligarchy in Syracuse.
344 BCE: Corcyra contributes two ships to Timoleon's fleet which attacked Syracuse.
317 BCE: Agathocles takes power in Syracuse.
307 BCE: Syracusan tyrant Agathocles sacks the city of Segesta.
305 BCE: Agathocles declares himself king of Syracuse.
288 BCE: Hicetus becomes tyrant of Syracuse.
270 BCE - 215 BCE: Hiero II is tyrant of Syracuse.
213 BCE - 211 BCE: Roman commander Marcus Claudius Marcellus lays seige to and ultimately sacks Syracuse.
201 BCE: Syracuse joins the Roman Republic, province of Sicily is formed.
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