Visual Timeline: Sulla

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90 BCE 80 BCE  
88 BCE - 87 BCE: First Civil War between Marius and Sulla. First march on Rome by Sulla.
87 BCE: The second battle of Chaeronea. The armies of Mithridates VI Eupator led by his general Archelaos, including a phalanx of freed slaves, was defeated by a Roman army led by Lucius Cornelius Sulla, in spite of the supremacy in cavalry of the Pontic army.
86 BCE: The Roman general Sulla sacks Athens and the port of Piraeus.
86 BCE: Siege of Athens by the Roman general Sulla. Agora is destroyed.
83 BCE: Sulla's second march on Rome. Mass Proscriptions.
83 BCE: Pompey fights under the Roman dictator Sulla.
81 BCE: Sulla is persuaded to give Pompey his first triumph.
80 BCE: Sulla sacks Pompeii following a rebellion and founds the 'Colony of Venus', resettling 4-5,000 war veterans.
80 BCE: Sulla moves the Olympic Games to Rome for a single Olympiad.
90 BCE