Visual Timeline: Iberia

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600 BCE: Celts settle Iberia.
500 BCE: Carthage expands into southern Spain.
260 BCE: Timaeos is the first to use the term 'Celtiberian' when refering to Celts living in Iberia.
210 BCE - 207 BCE: Scipio Africanus conquers Spain for Rome.
207 BCE: Battle of Metaurus. Carthage loses against Rome and loses control of Iberia (Spain).
206 BCE - 205 BCE: The Romans conquer Gades. End of the Carthaginian presence on the Iberian Peninsula.
191 BCE - 134 BCE: Various resistance movements against Rome in Iberia. Viriato leads the Lusitanians against Rome from 154 to 139 BC.
133 BCE: Rome captures Numantia. End of Iberian resistance.
27 BCE - 19 BCE: Cantabrian Wars: Roman conquest of the Iberian Penninsula.
14 BCE - 96 CE: Rome launches an extensive cultural patronage and construction programme in Iberia.
429 CE: Vandals cross Spain to the Maghreb.
462 CE: Visigoths expand into Spain.
507 CE: Clovis defeats the Visigoths and drives them into the Iberian peninsula.
554 CE: Byzantine Empire conquers southern Iberia.
571 CE: Visigoths conquer Cordoba.
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