Visual Timeline: Horse

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2400 BCE: First use of war chariots in Mesopotamia.
2000 BCE: Domesticated horses introduced in Mesopotamia.
680 BCE: THe tethrippon (four-horse chariot race) is added to the schedule of the Olympic Games.
408 BCE: The synoris (two-horse chariot race) was added to the schedule of the Olympic Games.
400 BCE: The Roman cavalry is expanded to include riders who can pay for their own horse.
392 BCE: The horse owner Kyniska becomes the first woman to win a victor's crown at the Olympic Games.
356 BCE: Philip II of Macedon wins the horse race at the Olympic Games.
352 BCE: Philip II of Macedon wins the chariot race at the Olympic Games and retains the crown in 348 BCE.
104 BCE - 101 BCE: The War of the Heavenly Horses, general Li Guangli forces the city of Da Yuan (Alexandria Eschate) into tributary status.
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