Visual Timeline: Hatti

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2700 BCE 2600 BCE 2500 BCE 2400 BCE 2300 BCE 2200 BCE 2100 BCE 2000 BCE 1900 BCE 1800 BCE 1700 BCE  
2700 BCE: Hatti people establish trade with the city of Sumer.
2500 BCE: The city of Hattusa is established as Hattic capital of surrounding city-states.
2320 BCE: Sargon of Akkad invades the Hattic region, fails to take Hattusa.
2200 BCE: The Hattic King Pamba repulses the campaigns of Sargon's grandson, the Akkadian King Naram-Suen.
2200 BCE: Art flourishes in the Hattic city states.
2000 BCE: The culture of the Hatti reaches its height.
1700 BCE: The Hittites invade the region of the Hatti and begin a systematic campaign against them. The great city of Hattusa is sacked and destroyed.
1650 BCE: Under the Hittite Warrior-King Hattusili, campaigns are carried to completion subjugating the Hatti. Hattusa is re-built as the Hittite capital. The Hatti are assimilated into the Hittite culture.
2700 BCE 2500 BCE 2300 BCE 2100 BCE 1900 BCE