Visual Timeline: Africa

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5000 BCE: Organised farming begins in Egypt.
3500 BCE: The Sahara desert begins to spread in Africa due to climate change.
2000 BCE: Speakers of the Bantu language begin migrating southward.
2000 BCE: Farmers and herders travel south from Ethiopia and settle in Kenya.
1720 BCE: Egypt is conquered by the Hyksos.
1700 BCE: The Kingdom of Kush is formed to the south of Egypt.
813 BCE: Carthage is founded by Phoenicians.
650 BCE: Iron working spreads to North Africa.
630 BCE: Greek colonists from the island of Thera found the city of Cyrene in North Africa.
341 BCE: The Persians complete conquest of Egypt.
331 BCE: Egypt is conquered by Alexander the Great without resistance.
205 BCE: Scipio Africanus invades Africa to defeat Carthage.
204 BCE: Scipio Africanus sails over to Africa.
146 BCE: End of the Third Punic War. Carthage is destroyed and its lands become the Roman province Africa.
429 CE: Vandals cross Spain to the Maghreb.
534 CE: Justinian of the Byzantine Empire conquers the Vandal kingdom in Africa.
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