Visual Timeline: Seleucos I

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330 BCE 320 BCE 310 BCE 300 BCE 290 BCE 280 BCE  
322 BCE - 275 BCE: The Wars of the Diadochi, also known as the Wars of Alexander's Successors.
321 BCE - 315 BCE: Seleucos rules the satrapy of Babylon.
312 BCE: Seleucos conquers Babylon and founds the Seleucid dynasty.
312 BCE: Evagros is killed in battle by Seleucos I. Persis comes under Seleucid rule.
305 BCE: Emperor Changragupta signs a treaty with Seleucus, establishing borders and giving the Punjab to Changragupta in return for 500 war elephants.
301 BCE: Battle of Ipsos. Death of Antigonos, rise to power of Lysimachos and Seleucos.
301 BCE - 299 BCE: Antioch was founded by Seleucos I Nikator.
295 BCE: Seleucos I makes an alliance with local Persis dynast, Ardaxsir, becoming the first frataraka of Persis.
293 BCE: Antiochos is appointed vice-king of the Upper-Satrapies by his father Seleukos.
330 BCE 320 BCE 310 BCE 300 BCE 290 BCE 280 BCE