Visual Timeline: Sculpture

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3000 BCE - 2000 BCE: Distinctive minimalistic standing marble figurines are produced in the Cyclades.
700 BCE: Paros begins to export its Parian marble across the Greek world and it is widely used in temples and sculpture.
650 BCE: Earliest large scale Greek marble sculpture.
550 BCE: Oldest surviving sculpture of a winged Nike found on Delos.
510 BCE - 370 BCE: Greeks fighting Amazons becomes a popular subject of architectural sculpture across Greece.
460 BCE: The bronze Poseidon or Zeus statue (of Cape Artemesium) is sculpted.
460 BCE - 450 BCE: Two bronze Greek warriors are sculpted, the 'Bronzi Riace'.
450 BCE - 440 BCE: The bronze statue of the discus thrower (Diskobolos) by Myron is sculpted.
438 BCE: The cult statue of Athena Parthenos is dedicated in the Parthenon of Athens.
425 BCE: Kresilas sculpts the idealised portrait statue of Pericles which in antiquity was much copied as a bust.
424 BCE - 420 BCE: The Nike of Paionios is erected at Olympia to commemorate the Messenian and Naupaktian victory over Sparta at the battle of Sphakteria.
340 BCE: Praxiteles sculpts his Aphrodite, the first full female nude in Greek sculpture.
330 BCE: Statue of Hermes sculpted by Praxiteles.
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