Visual Timeline: Punic Wars

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264 BCE - 241 BCE: First Punic War. Carthage cedes Sicily to Rome.
263 BCE: Antaros and 3000 Celts fight with Carthage in the First Punic War.
260 BCE: First Roman naval victory against Carthage off Mylae.
256 BCE: Roman naval victory against Carthage off Ecnomus.
255 BCE - 253 BCE: Roman fleets are wrecked by storms off Pachynus and Palinurus.
249 BCE: Antaros withdraws his support from Carthage.
249 BCE: Carthage defeats Rome in naval battle at Drepanum.
249 BCE: A Roman fleet is defeated by the Carthaginians at Drepna.
241 BCE: End of First Punic War.
241 BCE: Roman naval victory off the Aegates Islands leads to victory over Carthage, ending the First Punic War.
218 BCE: Battle of Ticinus.
218 BCE: Battle of Trebia.
217 BCE: Battle of Lake Trasimene.
216 BCE: Battle of Cannae. Worst defeat in Roman history, against Carthage.
216 BCE: "Hannibal ante portas." Hannibal directly threatens the city of Rome, but cannot advance due to lack of supplies and reinforcements.
216 BCE: Hannibal defeats the Romans at the Battle of Cannae.
207 BCE: Battle of Metaurus. Carthage loses against Rome and loses control of Iberia (Spain).
207 BCE: Battle of Metaurus.
204 BCE: Scipio Africanus sails over to Africa.
202 BCE: Battle of Zama. The Carthaginian army is defeated, Hannibal flees to Hadrumentum.
202 BCE: Battle of Zama.
149 BCE - 146 BCE: Third Punic War.
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