Visual Timeline: Greek Warfare

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800 BCE - 500 BCE: Greek colonization of the Mediterranean and Black Sea.
800 BCE - 700 BCE: Homer's Iliad is composed with mention of medical treatment in Greek warfare.
700 BCE: Corinthians adopt the trireme from the Phoenicians.
660 BCE: Corcyra wins a naval battle against their founding city of Corinth.
650 BCE: Sparta crushes Messenian revolt.
650 BCE - 350 BCE: Hoplites are the major protagonists in Greek land warfare.
580 BCE - 376 BCE: Carthage and Greece fight for dominance in Sicily.
539 BCE: Etruscan & Carthaginian alliance expels the Greeks from Corsica.
525 BCE: Sparta and Corinth unsuccessfully attack Polycrates of Samos.
499 BCE - 494 BCE: Ionian cities rebel against Persian rule.
494 BCE - 493 BCE: Spartan forces under Cleomenes I attack the city of Argos.
493 BCE: The first fortifications are constructed at Athens' port of Piraeus.
492 BCE: Darius I of Persia invades Greece.
490 BCE: A combined force of Greek hoplites defeat the Persians at Marathon.
482 BCE: Themistocles persuades the Athenians to build a fleet, which saves them at Salamis and becomes their source of power.
480 BCE: Tyrant of Syracuse Gelon defeats the Carthaginians at the battle of Himera.
480 BCE: Thebes sides with Persia during Xerxes invasion of Greece.
480 BCE: Agrigento defeats Carthage at the battle of Himera.
480 BCE: Battle of Thermopylae. 300 Spartans under King Leonidas and other Greek allies hold back the Persians led by Xerxes I for three days but are defeated.
480 BCE: The indecisive battle of Artemision between the Greek and Persian fleets of Xerxes I. The Greeks withdraw to Salamis.
480 BCE: Battle of Salamis where the Greek naval fleet defeats the invading armada of Xerxes I of Persia.
479 BCE: Xerxes' Persian forces are defeated by Greek forces at Plataea effectively ending Persia's imperial ambitions in Greece.
460 BCE - 445 BCE: First Peloponnesian War.
457 BCE: Sparta wins the battle of Tanagra during the 1st Peloponnesian War with Athens.
453 BCE: Pericles erects trophy at Nemea after Athenian victory over the Sikyonians.
448 BCE: Pericles leads the Athenian forces in the Battle of Delphi.
440 BCE: Hoplites become increasingly lighter-armoured, as new battle tactics required more mobility.
433 BCE: A naval battle between the victorious combined forces of Corcyra and Athens against Corinth.
431 BCE: Athens invades Megara.
431 BCE - 404 BCE: The 2nd Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta (the Delian League and the Peloponnesian League) which involved all of Greece.
431 BCE - 404 BCE: Thebes sides with Sparta against Athens in the Peloponnesian War.
431 BCE - 404 BCE: The Cycladic city states side with Athens in the Peloponnesian war against Sparta and her allies.
429 BCE: Athens successfully campaigns in the Corinthian Gulf regions during the Peloponnesian War.
429 BCE: Peloponnesian forces led by Sparta begin the siege of Plataea.
427 BCE: Plataea finally falls to the Spartans after a two year siege.
425 BCE: Pylos campaign, under Cleon and Demosthenes' command Athens defeats Sparta at Pylos.
425 BCE: Athenian and Corinthian hoplites fight a street battle in the suburbs of Solygeia.
424 BCE: Spartan general Brasidas takes Amphipolis, Thucydides failed to prevent this and is exiled.
424 BCE: Spartan Brasidas' campaign in Thrace.
424 BCE: A force of Athenian peltasts defeat Spartan hoplites on Sphaktria in the Peloponnese.
424 BCE: The Athenian expeditions against Megara and Boeotia are a failure with a particularly heavy defeat near Delion.
422 BCE: Spartan general Brasidas employs Myrkinian and Chalkidian peltasts to defeat a force of Athenian hoplites at Amphipolis.
422 BCE: The Athenians, led by Kleon, try to re-take Amphipolis but are defeated by Brasidas.
418 BCE: Sparta, led by Agis II, defeats Argos and her allies at the battle of Mantinaea.
415 BCE: The Histories of Herodotus is published. The work is divided into nine chapters, each dedicated to one of the Muses.
415 BCE - 413 BCE: Athenian expedition to attack Syracuse.
415 BCE: Alcibiades persuades the Athenian assembly to send a military expedition to Sicily.
414 BCE: The Athenian expedition in Sicily ends in disastrous defeat and the Athenian generals Nikias and Demosthenes are executed.
414 BCE: Athens constructs fortifications at Sounion.
412 BCE: Sparta allies with Persia.
410 BCE: Alcibiades leads the Athenian fleet to victory over Sparta at Cyzicus.
406 BCE: The Athenian fleet is defeated by Lysander of Sparta at Notium.
406 BCE: Agrigento is attacked and destroyed by Carthage.
404 BCE: End of the Peloponnesian war, Athens defeated By Sparta at Aigospotamoi, Rule of the Thirty Tyrants in Athens.
397 BCE: Dionysius I of Syracuse employs wheeled seige towers and bolt throwers for the first time in Greek warfare at the seige of Motya.
396 BCE: Spartan Agesilaus II's campaign into Ionia.
395 BCE - 386 BCE: The Corinthian Wars between Sparta and an alliance of Athens, Corinth, Argos, Boeotia and Thebes.
390 BCE: Athenian leader Iphikrates employs peltasts to defeat Spartan hoplites at Lechaion near Corinth.
379 BCE - 376 BCE: Sparta establishes a garrison at Thebes.
375 BCE: Thebes defeats Sparta at the Battle of Tegyra.
371 BCE: Thebes defeats Sparta in the Battle of Leuktra.
367 BCE: Celtic mercenaries fight with the Spartans against Thebes.
364 BCE: Theban general Pelopidas killed at the Battle of Kynoskephalai.
364 BCE: Macedonian general Perdikkas III successfully defends Amphipolis against Athenian attack.
362 BCE: Indecisive Battle of Matinea where Thebes fought against Sparta and Athens. Theban general Epaminondas is killed.
338 BCE: Philip of Macedonia defeats the Greek allied forces of Athens, Thebes and Corinth in the Battle of Chaironeia.
334 BCE: Alexander invades the Persian empire.
229 BCE: Corcyra is captured by the Illyrians.
146 BCE: Rome sacks Corinth and dissolves the Achaean league. Greece is ruled by Rome.
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