Visual Timeline: Greek Culture

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776 BCE: First athletic games in honour of Zeus are held at Olympia with one event, the stadion foot race.
700 BCE - 600 BCE: First appearance of sphinxes in ancient Greek art.
700 BCE: Sparta, Argos and Paros hold the first documented musical competitions in Greece.
586 BCE: First athletic games at Delphi.
580 BCE: First athletic games at Isthmia.
573 BCE: First athletic games at Nemea in honour of Zeus.
550 BCE: First appearance in ancient Greek art of sphinxes with raised hind quarters.
525 BCE - 456 BCE: Life of Greek tragedy poet Aeschylus.
496 BCE - 406 BCE: Life of Greek tragedy poet Sophocles.
484 BCE - 407 BCE: Life of Greek tragedy poet Euripides.
460 BCE - 380 BCE: Life of Greek comic poet Aristophanes.
450 BCE: First klepsydra - water timekeeping device - used in Athens.
330 BCE: Statue of Hermes sculpted by Praxiteles.
300 BCE - 290 BCE: Theatre of Ephesos constructed.
271 BCE: Final Games at Nemea.
261 CE: Last documented victor at Olympic Games.
393 CE: Roman Emperor Theodosius definitively ends all pagan Games in Greece.
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