Visual Timeline: Bronze Age

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6200 BCE: First copper smelting in Anatolia.
3800 BCE: Earliest bronze working.
3650 BCE: Invention of the wheel.
3500 BCE: Farming has spread across Europe.
3400 BCE: Priests become the rulers of Mesopotamian cities.
3000 BCE - 2550 BCE: Troy I - First stone-walled village settlement
3000 BCE: First Bronze Age settlement in Jerusalem.
3000 BCE: First habitation of Epidaurus site.
3000 BCE: First evidence of habitation at Thebes.
3000 BCE - 2200 BCE: The first archaeological evidence of organised communities in the Cyclades.
3000 BCE - 2000 BCE: Distinctive minimalistic standing marble figurines are produced in the Cyclades.
2800 BCE - 1900 BCE: Bell beaker culture in western Europe.
2550 BCE - 2300 BCE: Troy II - origin of gold 'treasure' found by Schliemann
2500 BCE - 1100 BCE: Bronze Age in Cyprus.
2300 BCE: Bronze is used in the Aegean.
2300 BCE - 1750 BCE: Troy III - Troy V
2200 BCE - 1700 BCE: Evidence of town planning and more sophisticated architecture in the Cylades.
2100 BCE: First ziggurats in Ur, Eridu, Uruk, and Nippur.
2000 BCE: Early Greeks settle the Peloponnese.
2000 BCE: Domesticated horses introduced in Mesopotamia.
2000 BCE - 1500 BCE: Wessex culture introduces bronze working to Britain.
2000 BCE: Bronze Age begins in Northern Europe.
2000 BCE: Pottery wheel introduced to Minoan civilization on Crete.
2000 BCE: Akrotiri becomes an important Aegean trading centre.
2000 BCE - 1650 BCE: Akrotiri on Thera reaches its peak of prosperity and becomes a flourishing Mediterranean trading centre.
2000 BCE: First shaft graves at Thebes.
2000 BCE - 1400 BCE: Early Bronze Age in Scotland.
1984 BCE: Amorite dynasty established in Babylon.
1850 BCE - 1550 BCE: Phaistos disk manufactured on Crete .
1800 BCE: Bronze working introduced to Egypt.
1795 BCE - 1750 BCE: Reign of Hammurabi, king of Babylon.
1787 BCE: Hammurabi of Babylon conquers Uruk and Isin.
1772 BCE: The Code of Hammurabi: One of the earliest codes of law in the world.
1761 BCE: Hammurabi of Babylon destroys the city of Mari.
1750 BCE - 1300 BCE: Troy VI - probable Troy of Homer's Iliad. City at its zenith.
1700 BCE - 1400 BCE: The culture in the Cyclades is increasingly influenced by Minoan Crete.
1680 BCE: Hurrians occupy Assyria.
1650 BCE - 1550 BCE: Eruption of Thera and consequent tidal waves, destruction of Akrotiri and other Aegean centres.
1600 BCE: Rhodes has significant contact with Minoan Crete.
1595 BCE: King Mursilis of the Hittites sacks Babylon. Begin of Babylonian "dark ages."
1550 BCE: Kingdom of Mittani is founded.
1550 BCE - 1069 BCE: The New Kingdom of Egypt.
1504 BCE - 1492 BCE: Egyptian empire reaches greatest extent under Tuthmosis I.
1500 BCE: Pastoral farming spreads across Eurasian steppes.
1500 BCE: Egyptian empire extends to the Euphrates.
1500 BCE - 1300 BCE: Mycenaean Thebes at its peak of prosperity and influence.
1500 BCE: The site of Delphi is first settled.
1472 BCE: Mittani annexes Assyria.
1450 BCE - 1200 BCE: The city of Ugarit flourishes.
1450 BCE: Mycenaean monumental architecture first appears at Epidaurus.
1400 BCE: Assyria regains its independence.
1400 BCE - 900 BCE: Middle Bronze Age in Scotland.
1400 BCE - 1100 BCE: Culture in the Cyclades is increasingly influenced by the Mycenaean civilization of mainland Greece.
1400 BCE: Rhodes has significant contact with the Mycenaean civilization.
1321 BCE: Western Mittani is conquered by the Hittites.
1300 BCE - 950 BCE: Troy VIIa - VIIb Notable decline in architectural and artisitic standards
1250 BCE - 1200 BCE: Mycenaean chamber tombs constructed at Thebes.
1200 BCE - 1100 BCE: Mycenaean Epidaurus at its peak of prosperity.
1100 BCE: Hillforts in western Europe.
1100 BCE: Evidence of settlement destruction and abandonment across the Cyclades.
900 BCE - 400 BCE: Late Bronze Age in Scotland.
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