Visual Timeline: Antiochos III

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222 BCE - 220 BCE: Satrap of Persis Alexander, alongside of his brother Molon, satrap of Mediare, revolt against Antiochos III. Their defeat begins a period of time without a known frataraka in Persis.
217 BCE: 14,000 Celts serve under Ptolemy IV in his victory at Raphia over the Seleucid King Antiochos III.
209 BCE: Sogdians make themselves independant, using the fact that Euthydemos I of Bactria was besieged in Bactra by Antiochos III.
208 BCE - 206 BCE: Siege of Bactra by Antiochos III.
206 BCE: Recognition of the Greco-Bactrian kingdom and Euthydemid dynasty by Antiochos III.
203 BCE: The Seleucid king, Antiochus III Megas signs an alleged treaty with Philip V of Macedon to divide Egypt and its overseas possessions between them.
195 BCE: Facing the threat of being handed to the Romans as a result of the opposition to the reforms he initiated in Carthage, Hannibal flees to Crete and then to Tyre, in Seleucid territory. He will become one of the military advisors of king Antiochos III Megas in his war against Rome.
189 BCE: Manlius Vulso attacks the Galatians for fighting alongside Antiochus III and scores two victories in Galatia at Mount Magaba and Mount Olympus.
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